Cedar Grove Fire Department still hoping to repair South End Firehouse

With no financial support from the Township Council, and fundraising plans still underway, the Cedar Grove Fire Department is still holding out hope for repairing the South End Firehouse on Pompton Avenue.

In 2012, the council rejected a bid to repair the South End Firehouse’s second floor and garage, which was bowing at the sides, according to previous reports in the Times. At the time, the repairs were estimated to cost $250,000.

According to original reports, the township was looking to bond (or borrow monies) to fund the project, which would have been repaid by the fire department. However, the department decided to look in to funding the project itself.

Since the original estimate, the firehouse has not put out a new bid and leaders are still looking at funding options for the repairs, Fire Chief James Zaccaria said during an interview with the Times Monday, July 28.

“We own the building, not the town, and we still need a little more money for the repairs. But we appreciate the town’s support,” Zaccaria said.

Cedar Grove Township Manager Thomas Tucci did not respond to a call for comment.


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