Cedar Grove Local saves Mom and Child from Drowning

Gregory O’Toole received an award from his grandfather, Councilman Robert O’Toole, and the Cedar Grove Township Council Monday for rescuing a mother and her son from drowning Memorial Day weekend.

Gregory O’Toole, a 22-year-old Cedar Grove resident, was surfing at Ocean Beach in Lavallette when a young boy swam out too far on his bodyboard.

The young boy’s mother swam out after him in an attempt to bring the child back to shore, Robert O’Toole said, “but then she couldn’t come back in.”

Seeing both the son and mother in distress, Gregory O’Toole took out his surfboard, reached the pair and “paddled them both back into safety,” the councilman said.

Gregory O’Toole was presented with a plaque congratulating him for his “recognition and response to a son and mother in distress – disregarding your own safety – to rescue them.”

O’Toole will attend his senior year at Montclair State University in September.

The identity of the mother and son rescued is unknown.


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