Cedar Grove Board of Education accepts gifts, one honors Arnie Berg

Two donations to the Cedar Grove school district were accepted as gifts during an Aug. 26 Board of Education meeting.

Board members accepted two press box signs from the Cedar Grove High School Alumni Association on behalf of the Class of 1964.

The signs, a 13-foot display of the late Arnie Berg’s name and a 5- by 5-foot black and gold silhouette of the panther mascot, will be used to honor the former head coach’s contributions to the high school.

Berg was the head coach of the high school’s first football and wrestling teams and founder of Cedar Grove High School’s athletic program and Black and Gold Club.

Funded entirely by the alumni association, members plan to have the $11,000 sign ready for the 50th reunion of the Class of 1964 in November.

The second gift school board members accepted was a $475 donation from the 2014 Project Graduation Committee for an additional receptacle bin at the high school.


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