Cedar Grove principal resigns before school year begins

Six months in to her tenure with Cedar Grove schools, Memorial Middle School Principal Mary Ehid resigned Tuesday, school officials announced.

Ehid’s sudden resignation came in Tuesday, Aug. 26, the same day the Cedar Grove Board of Education was scheduled to meet. Ehid’s departure from the district is effective Aug. 31, board members said during the Tuesday evening meeting.

With 20-plus years of teaching and administrative experience, Ehid was brought in as a replacement for then-principal Richard Mangili, who took the helm of Cedar Grove High School last year. Ehid officially began her tenure in Cedar Grove last December. Before becoming principal at Memorial Middle School, Ehid worked in the Bernards Township School District in Basking Ridge.

Now, for the second time in a two-year period, Memorial Middle School Vice Principal Nicholas DeCorte will serve as the school’s interim principal starting Sept. 1. With more than a decade of education experience behind him, the former math teacher became a vice principal in Cedar Grove in 2011. Before that, DeCorte worked in the Union Public School District for seven years.

The Board of Education approved several other personnel changes as well, solidifying the roster of staff members for the 2014-15 school year.

Elementary schools

Wendy Hendricks-Ruddy will be a paraprofessional at North End Elementary School. Her salary is pegged at $17,500 starting Sept. 2.

Mimi Stitzer was approved as an intervention specialist at North End and South End schools. Stitzer’s salary will be $62,751.

Victoria DiGirolomo will be the new resource room teacher at South End School. DiGirolomo salary will be $47,625 for the 2014-15 school year.

Wendy Santivenere will serve as a maternity leave replacement for first and fourth grade teachers Christine Holmberg and Karen Coutts at South End beginning Sept. 1 through Oct. 7, and then again from Oct. 22 to June 19, 2015. Santivenere’s salary will be $51,625 for each assignment.

Michelle Hauer will replace third grade teacher Dayna Placenti while she is on maternity leave from Sept. 1 to Dec. 23. Hauer’s salary will be $47,625.

Memorial Middle School

The board approved Kelly Schlosser as a new fifth grade language arts teacher. Her salary will be $48,635 beginning Sept. 2.

Christine Torchia will be the maternity leave replacement for fifth grade teacher Amy Lyons. Torchia’s position and salary of $47,635 will become effective Sept. 2 and end Dec.16.

Board members also accepted the resignation of Resource Center Teacher Jaime Petrucci, which became effective July 30.

Cedar Grove High School

The board approved the retirement of High School Custodian Michael Negri and accepted the resignation of part time LRP custodian Brian Potoczak.

Board members approved the hiring of Kristina Ruggiero, who will serve as a cross country volunteer coach at the high school for the 2014-15 school year.

Also beginning Sept. 1, teacher Jessica Del Vecchio will join the high school’s history department. Her starting salary is pegged at $51,625.

With a stipend of $4,538, the board approved Justin Corazza as an assistant soccer coach.

Jessica Del Vecchio will receive a stipend of $3,166 to serve as the girls’ JV volleyball coach.

Lastly, the board has approved the retirement of Cedar Grove High School Administrator Joseph McBride, effective Nov. 30.

McBride served as a high school vice principal and teacher in the Cedar Grove district for more than 25 years. Last year, McBride rescinded his retirement and continued his work in the high school. McBride has now finalized his retirement with a letter sent to Superintendent of Schools Michael Fetherman.

“I’m leaving with very mixed emotions as I’m about to start another new chapter in my story. And I’m also leaving knowing that the district in general, and Cedar Grove High School in particular, are in very good hands and will soon be profiting from the guidance in you, my fellow administrators, the faculties and staff of all the schools offered to our children. Go Panthers!,” said Fetherman, reading from McBride’s letter.

School District Changes

Renee Taveniere was continue to serve as the district’s business administrator/board secretary. He annual salary is $145,381.

The board approved the retirement of Julie Zicchelli, who has served as a speech/language specialist. Zicchelli’s retirement will be effective Jan. 31, 2015.

Angel Perez was also approved as the district’s computer technician. His position, which became effective Aug. 18, has a salary of $40,000.


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