Cedar Grove principal resigns for personal reasons

Former Memorial Middle School Principal Mary Ehid left the district after six months of service for “personal reasons,” according to Superintendent of Schools Michael Fetherman.

Ehid resigned Tuesday, Aug. 26 for another position outside the district, Fetherman said. The superintendent did not disclose details of Ehid’s new position, or its location.

“We agreed to let her go so that she could start the school year with her new district,” Fetherman stated in an email to the Times. “We also felt that appointing [Nicholas] DeCorte as the interim principal to start the year would be best for our learning community.”

DeCorte, who will serve as interim principal for the second time since last year, says he is not only ready for the school year, but he is seriously considering making his temporary position permanent. When asked if he had thought about taking on the principal role full time, DeCorte said “absolutely, 100 percent. When I started here as vice principal, I started with the intention to plant my feet as an administrator, so I’ve absolutely had intentions and I’m looking forward to continue my journey in this position.”

Ehid’s resignation, although sudden, has not hindered the progress of the school year, according to DeCorte. “Everything’s been in place. The positive is I’ve been an administrator here for four years, so we’re ready to hit the ground running. The school is going to be ready. The staff is ready. And we’re trying to make it as smooth and seamless of a transition as possible,” DeCorte said.

Fetherman, agreeing with DeCorte, said “as far as sudden resignations go, it’s never the ideal scenario, but it makes it easier when you’ve got quality leadership on your team that is ready and able to accept new challenges.”


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