Farm animals given the green light in Cedar Grove

A new rule in Cedar Grove will give farm animal lovers a little more leeway while at the same time, keep them on a tight leash.

The Cedar Grove Township Council passed an ordinance Monday evening amending its law regarding farm animals. A change in May originally included a ban on hens and domesticated animals not in the canine category, which led to opposition from a few township residents. The council agreed that a compromise was needed.

“We don’t want to curtail our residents from enjoying those types of animals,” Township Manager Thomas Tucci said. Rather than ban farm animals from the township, the council reworded the law to replace “farm animals” with “non-domesticated,” excluding hens from the prohibition. However, a few provisions were added.

Residents must register all farm animals within the township annually at a fee of $5 per animal. Also, annual inspections will be enforced by the Cedar Grove Health Department.

Farm animals are expected to be housed in barns, coops or pens that are no closer than 10 feet from their property line, and within 50 feet of any window, door or opening of an adjoining structure.

And, “animals housed that have a negative effect on any adjoining properties will not be reissued a registration in the subsequent year,” the ordinance continued. That determination will be made by the township’s health department.

If a resident does not comply with these provisions, the township could revoke their registration and remove any farm animals at the owner’s expense.

To read the full ordinance, visit, and search for Ordinance No. 14-777.

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