Gabby Girl, here’s some “Help” to fight them Haters

Gabby Girl, here’s some “Help” to fight them Haters

Photo by Vic Damoses via Flickr


Ya’ll can say what you want about The Help, but that film was well-done. That book was well-written. And that wisdom, though simple, was profound.

Haters, trolls, thots and stooges have a platform they’ve never had before, and the ish is called a “keyboard.”

These fools will type some ish on a keyboard, that they would never say aloud. Ish meant to crush spirits, and make them feel better about their sad, pathetic, lazy asses.

Recently during the 2016 Rio Olympic games, our risen star, Gabrielle Douglas has been the target of choice. And I say to you, AfriQueen of gymnastic glory, forget the fools and remember this:


Gabby girl, at the age of four, you picked up the gymnast sport from your older sister, Arielle.

You kept with the craft, informally, for four more years before your formal training began. No one pushed you to do this but you.

At age 9, you were crowned Virginia’s 2004 Gymnastics State Champion.

With commitment in mind, you convinced your mother to allow you to pursue your dreams ALONE (without the family at least), and move from Virginia to Iowa to train with Coach Liang Chow. You were only 14.

At age 16, you became our Olympic star.

Honey, only a nimble mind such as yours would know to work at a skill you barely understood. Practice a talent, that could lead you to greatness. And follow a passion, away from all that you hold dear, to fill an Olympic spot that only YOU could fill.


First off, you offer fitness videos. Lord knows your people need that. Or at least I do.

You’ve shared healthy eating habits. And I think we can honestly say, health tips from an Olympic champion are pretty damn verifiable.

Your image has brought a beautiful, brown-skinned barbie into this world. One of the many images needed for our young ladies today.

You have a book! A published book BEFORE the age of 20!
Sharing both your faith and your fall outs.
Inspiring people everywhere “to stick with it.” Whatever”IT” may be.

You have a biopic.
Which inspired, at least ME, to persist in all things.

You donated your leotard, wrist tape and Olympic credentials to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of of African American History & Culture. Now the world can see your accomplishments up close and personal for many generations to come.

 How many of these trolls can say they contributed something substantial to society?! You could have taken your money, your gold and dipped out for four years. But instead you showed up and reached out.
Don’t focus on the people who won’t even dare to look out for their community, let alone, look up from their keyboards.


Gabby girl, don’t you dare forget who you are and what you’ve done.

You are a 3-time US National Team Member.

You are a 2011 and 2015 World Championships Team Gold Medalists.

You are the FIRST female and African American gymnast to become the Individual All-Around Champion.

You are the FIRST American to win the gold for Individual All-Around and Team Championships in ONE Olympics (London 2012, if y’all were wondering). And you won your 3rd gold medal this year (2016) for the Women’s Team Final.

You are a rock star. A black girl with magic. THE Flying Squirrel. And your people’s HERO.

So forget these fools out here looking for something to complain about.
You are a black icon, and therefore, an ideal target.

Anybody comin’ for your edges, send them to
India Arie

Anybody comin’ for your patriotism, send them to
Muhammad Ali

For anyone commenting on your attitude, explain that a ‘tude is necessary when competing in the Olympics. Your ‘tude is no different than the average male athlete focused on the Gold. It is a positive ‘tude, WHICH DOES EXIST, and is used to propel you to victory.

For anyone requesting that you smile, direct them to this link:
It’s Important for Men to Understand that they Need to Stop Telling Women to Smile

For every sportscaster focused on your “pearly whites,” more than those of your teammates, please direct them to these three:

7756395292_2db791d7ba_o (1)
Photo by gravel72 via Flickr
aly raisman
Photo from Aly Raisman via Pinterest
Photo by Fernando Frazao/Agencia Brasil via Wikimedia Commons

Fellow Olympian gymnasts who also happen to close their mouths once in awhile.
I don’t know why.
Maybe their face gets tired of stretching into that big ass grin for the judges.
Maybe its because God gave them the ability to breath threw their noses.
(Gasp) OR MAYBE, its because they are serious about their crafts, focused on their flips and from time to time, have to face disappointment like the rest of us.

Leave Gabby the Hell ALONE.

And for the rest of you trolls looking for the next thing to b**** about,
please take your assigned seat,
in the “pathetic pew,”
at the back of the congregation.

Photo by T.J. Hawk via Flickr






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