It’s Ta-MY-yah, not Tam-I-yah! OR Ta-ME-yah! Or Ta-MARE-rah!

It’s Ta-MY-yah, not Tam-I-yah! OR Ta-ME-yah! Or Ta-MARE-rah!

It’s LeviOsa! Not LevioSA!
And it’s Ta-MY-yah! Not Ta-ME-yah!

Alright, alright I know its not EGG-zactly the same, but you get the point. And I’m sure many of you have gone through this too. The first day of school, your encounter with a new doctor, your first day at a new job, Starbucks, Shake Shack. Any and everywhere your name is required to move past GO!

And I’ll admit, black people don’t have the only patent to this experience…


Hell, not even all of Europe is to blame. As I have a niece with the Irish name, Saiorse, and it is pronounced “sears-sha.” That shut me up quick about the Euro-surpers.

Then of course you have the Latinx community struggle. Native American struggle. And the Asian name struggle may have it worst than all of us. But the point is this:

The butchering of names has been a long practice in ignorant-topia. And I myself have messed up a few times before. Not by adding letters and whatnot to the names I wasn’t used to; no that is the doing of our pale cousins, otherwise known as the whites. But I have mispronounced a name or two. Though, due to my own experiences with name-rape, I also caught myself, took the time to apologize, AND learned the person’s name in its proper pronunciation. Why? To ensure the mistake would not happen again. THIS IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED people. Just take the damn time.

I can’t STAND folk who don’t even want to take the time to learn your proper name, but will take EXTRA time to add shit to it, turn it into some name they believe it should be, or call you something else completely…like EGG-skUSE the f*ck outta me! Are you Mufasa?! Did you have your “GOT” Hand a.k.a. Rafiki lift me to the heavens  on a GOTdamn cliff?! Then you have no right to rename me as you please! Just learn the damn name for what is! My GOD!


Now, I know this issue has been addressed time and time again, however perpetrators are still at it. And all I ask, for all those that have had their names violated, teased and tainted, is that you Rubba Duckas TRY dammit, TRY! If you are unsure, ask first. You can’t go wrong with that. If you still can’t pronounce it, ask if there is a nickname that they have already approved of. AND…

Jackie Chan Uncle


Thank you Key and Peele for showing the struggle from another perspective. If nothing else, it gave us a reason to laugh about this bull-ish.

But take this as a warning…



Its on.

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