Mothers’ Blessed

Mothers’ Blessed

To every mom who pushed or cut their bodies,
at their baby’s behest.
To every mom who lost their little love,
carrying on, with a hole in their chest.
To every mom who adopted their load,
allowing instinct to do the rest.
For every mom who provides for their “children,”
who some may classify as pets…
You are a “mother of dragons” my love,
you too, have signed up for this mess.

To every mom
who has sacrificed their shape, their “lady bits,” and dare I say it: BREASTS.
To every mom,
reminiscing on their clubbing days, or a simple good night’s rest.
To every mom meeting the finish line,
now that their brood have left the nest.
To every Woman who has mentored, or shaped another life;
you too, have passed the test.

To every mom whose taken motherhood,
and chose to survive it all in jest.
To every mom trying to impress,
turning every “no” into a “yes,”
making the moments you invest,
keep you sane at worst, out the nursing home at best.
To all the moms
loving every minute, of every day, and nothing less…
Happy Mother’s Day, dear comrades!
For we are truly blessed.

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