Prego & A.W.O.L.

Prego & A.W.O.L.

Hello my VIP (VergInPen) Peeps,

I’m going to have to stop these incredibly long pauses in between posts eventually, but for now, please accept yet another apology for my absence.
I technically have a worthy excuse this time!

That’s right! If you didn’t already catch the news in the headline, or the fairly obvious picture accompanying said headline (I don’t just touch my stomach any day), husband and I are PREGNANT! (8 months now to be exact). The news and process of pregnancy as a whole has kept me quite busy these several months. I’ve wanted to write about it in detail a few times, but then sleep and laziness took over. So here is a breakdown of my prego-nature in a few short lines:

-”Prego Sleep” is the best sleep! Not encouraging random “knock-ups,” but if you do happen to be creating life at some point, you go-head and GET U SOME “prego-sleep….” and set up multiple alarms to help you resurrect yourself or else who knows how long you’ll be down.

-Lucky to have had NO dire prego-symptoms. I could eat whatever I want, smell whatever I want without the side-effect of nausea or vomiting. I’ve had no headaches, no body aches, no aches, just blissful sleepiness and excitement. (Knocks on wood. Thanks God. Thanks Universe.

-Doctor Appointments were my lifeline. Again, I didn’t have to endure any crappy symptoms, so the only thing that kept me in the loop with my pregnancy was the proof in the appointments. Seeing that dot turn into a jelly bean, turning into a recognizable fetus-like shape in the ultrasounds. Being told that all tests results are regular. And hearing that heartbeat, calmed my worries and wants to the simple truth that a baby is really inside ME.
-Downside of reading too much, and finding all the potential harmful bacteria in the foods that I LOVE. So limiting myself, as a foodie, has been especially difficult. (Sushi…..why have you forsaken me?!?)

-”Prego Sleep” is still good sleep. Though not as wonderful as before, being that baby is slowly taking away my best sleeping positions; i.e. on my stomach and back.
-Still no nausea or vomiting, but first-time heartburn and constipation is NOT at all fun (Yeah, I went there. There is no TMI in pregnancy).

-Baby has a gender, but husband and I refuse to find out what it is, so NEUTRAL everything!

-Baby is starting to move, and no part of my insides are safe. Especially when baby starts tap dancing on my bladder all night. But at least I don’t depend on the doctor to tell me baby’s status anymore.
-Still can’t eat my favorite foods, but the “post-prego-menu” is growing…(Fresh oysters with vinegar and little neck clams in a white wine broth).

-”Prego Sleep” is over, and a state of “Dreams Deferred” has begun. Backaches have begun, and constant bathroom visits throughout the night have given me more stomach muscles than sit ups ever could.
-Baby moves on a schedule, and is not at all shy about beating mommy from the inside out. (I absolutely love every bit of motion though).

-Heartburn and constipation have worsened, but it is what it is.

-Barely growing a belly (in fact I’ve lost a few pounds). But baby is well and getting bigger every day.

-Secret Baby Shower is around the corner, so can’t wait to see what I don’t have to buy for baby, while anticipating what we do need to get, since time is running out.

Super Hero Themed Baby Shower Photos:

Loving each and every moment of growing a tiny human. Counting down the weeks until I meet the little one.

And here’s a little sneak peek at our resident VIP, once my stomach actually started to show:

But in all actuality, pregnancy does not impair one’s hands from creating updated content for their blog. A lack of income, incentive, and dedication may do the trick, but sadly, a symptom of pregnancy, will not.

Truth is, I’ve been busy working to pay the bills, prepping for a baby due in December, and chilling to maintain my sanity amongst it all. Plus I neglected to mention, I’ve been busy procrastinating my own true passions and goals, such as writing and creating. But I haven’t forgotten about these aspirations, and that has to count for something right?

Long story short, keep me and baby in your prayers. Expect at the very least, a monthly posting. And stay true to your own goals and passions. You may not have time to dedicate to all of them, all the time, but take a little time anyway to remind yourself that you still have these dreams and that they will not go neglected for long.

Love you guys.

UPDATE: Baby is HERE y’all! And “Baby” is a boy. His name is Magnus Amon. I LOVE HIM, more than anything and anyone.

Mommy posts and #MagnusMilestones to come.

And without further ado, here is my little guy!
Magnus Amon

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