And you know what I mean. There you are, in a bar. You’re an attractive specimen…but a bit “awkward in the body”(respek to A Black Lady Sketch Show). And across the way, you see it. Tall, dark and handsome. You imagine walking up to it. You say hello, and find out that it goes by the name, “new job,” or “401k”, or “college degree.”

You want to ask it out so bad, but you keep finding reasons not to.

It’s probably taken. Everyone appears to be looking in that same general direction. It’s such a long walk over to it.

And the big one; what if it rejects you?

So we stay in our seat (or job, or check to check scenarios), and we “Give those Opportunities Awkward Longing Stares,” instead of going for them. GOALS.

We gotta do better y’all.

Take the chance, and make the leap.

Or at least I know I do.

I’ve been working on my goals…and I have many of them.

To quickly jot them down for y’all, there’s 2.5 businesses I want to start, a podcast, a “consistent” blog, a book (or 3), and a graduate degree.

Not to mention weight loss goals, savings goals, and travel goals 🤪

I plan on accomplishing these goals within a year’s time…and by “accomplishing” I mean seriously starting them AT LEAST.

Weight loss and savings goals go hand in hand since I tend to spend my expendable income on food rather than my savings account. This greedy habit, of course, has materialised into my face, my body, and my poor abused legs…once thin, muscled and long; now thick, meaty and loose.

My travel goals for 2020 are SO ambitious, that if I’m successful, I’ll be both abroad and skinnier than anyone has a right to be.

As for the substantial goals of business creation and graduate programs… I promise I’m working on it.

Like, I love how excited my GOALS get me, but I am a chronic procrastinator, and tend to think of them most when I’m working an unfulfilling job and making insignificant money in the process.

It’s so much easier to daydream.

But that’s also unfulfilling.

So I guess it’s time to…

3 responses to “G.O.A.L.S.”

  1. Same!! Literally everything you said applies to my life currently.
    At this very moment, I am at work daydreaming about goals I either haven’t started working towards or I’ve started then abandoned.

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