Phone is Broken…Might as well Post Somethin’

Phone is Broken…Might as well Post Somethin’

Hey All,

It’s me again…your trifling yet entertaining blogger girl.

And before you even part your lips, comment on this post, or start to click; I’M SORRY I’ve done it again. I’ve let FAR too much time to pass between posts. I wish I could blame it on my new bundle of joy, but I refuse to do so. He falls asleep, and stays asleep all night (Thank you God for the best 8 month old ever!). And once I know he’s down, I mosey onto my room and do the same damn thing…sleep! SMDH.

I am working on a myriad of goals…in my mind…

Like, I’ve actually started a business plan, have a gym membership, begin planning a podcast with my best friend, registered for classes to obtain a Master’s, and checked on some quotes for another business project.


I haven’t finished the business plan or been to the gym in months. I haven’t started the podcast yet, finish signing up for financial aid to take said classes, or at least started the process of my second business venture.

Which reminds me, look out for my next blog post about GOALS.

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