Do I Scare You?

Do I Scare You?

To most, my 1-year-old son would not be considered a threat, or rather, a scary force to be reckoned with.

He is a child, he is handsome, he is innocent.

But so was Trayvon. So was Ahmaud. So was George.

People see “others” when they are confronted with atrocities like the ones befallen the three men I’ve mentioned; or the countless African Americans who have lost their lives because someone thought of them as “less than.”

But I don’t see “others.”

I see my birth-son.

I see my stepson.

I see my brother.

Each one, a child. Each one, handsome. Each one, innocent.

But they will grow up. They will become the men society has deemed as threats.

They will become men like my husband.

They will become men like my father.

And guess what, even then, they will still be someone’s child. They will still be handsome black men. And they may still be innocent.

Innocent in the sense that no one has the right to take their lives.
No one has the right to snuff out their light.
NO ONE has the right to allow their ignorant, weak, disgusting fear to determine whether a black man can return to his family, alive and well.

I assure you, I will not sit by while my people are hunted down. I will speak out, boycott, donate, march, and FIGHT before I let anything happen to the men in my life. I will protest for those who have fallen and protect those who are still standing. And I am one of many because WE have had ENOUGH.

I am SURE when the lives of these beautiful black men were tragically taken, their mothers found themselves staring, longingly at the baby pictures reflecting the boys these black men used to be (or in Trayvon’s case, the younger form of the boy he still was).

They look into those big innocent eyes, their carefree smiles, and the promise of life in their youthful faces; and WISH that everyone could see the innocent child they brought into this world – before some murdering fool decided to take them out of it.

Because let’s face it, my son doesn’t scare you now…but will you hold on to that same perspective when he grows into the man he’s destined to be?

I hope, for your sake, you do.

4 responses to “Do I Scare You?”

  1. That was very well stated! Thank you for speaking for me and so many mother’s of black sons.

  2. My Great GrandSon will become a Great Man in his own rights, What ever he sets his mind to do, What ever is Destined for him he will try to do in his best, He will Grow Up to be Great. Your Great Grand Father Loves U Very Much. Show the World who u are. And what u can do.

  3. To be young gifted and black in a world that does not always respect the humanity of our people especially black males. When the truth is )globally people of various cultures try to emulate the black man ‘s undeniable “swagger”, their artistry and articulation of experience. They try to capitalize on the black males prowess on and off of the court or field; and oh yes don’t be fooled their intellect as well is desired (those street smarts) . This mother’s voice, this gifted writer her words wrap around the black woman ‘s soul giving sound to all those who love black boys and the men they become. Like any other male child of any race they are fathers, husbands, brothers , cousins ,nephews , godsons, sons,and grandsons. We should see black men ‘s humanity like we see all people’s humanity. Even in moments when they lose their way, and fall victim to the criminal justice system often tied to marginalization and systemic poverty, racism , under resourced schools , lack of quality health care and access to primary care physicians and quality addiction recovery programs and support services et al. In those moments when they may need more support than less ,society must not put their feet on their necks. There are laws in regards to animal cruelty but in 2020 we still should not be fighting for the right of black men to be seen as fully human (for equal treatment under the law). Thanks to the writer for reminding the world that our black boys and men are loved, admired and deserving of breath.

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