HI! My name is Tamiyah, and I am your host.

In addition to being a “sometimes” Blogger, I am one of the co-hosts of the WeNeedToTalkClub Podcast (WeNeedToTalk.Club), and the co-creator of the ThreeTaOne Podcast (TaLissaTamiyah.com). These platforms are where my hobbies and starving artist dreams live.

Just a quick bit about me, and what you’ve just stumbled across.

As a child, I was both a talker and daydreamer. As time passed, I found I also had a talent in writing – and this revelation was monumental to me. 

See, I’ve always had an imagination animated through my words; but now it could be immortalized on paper. And there is no better feeling (at least to me) than to write your heart out – whether it be silly or sincere – and be able to return, read and relive that moment all over again.

Since my start, I’ve written poetry, short stories, an opinion column, magazine inserts, news articles and more. But I’ve found that my writing style is more casual, and my preferences reflect my love for film, fiction, television, and social issues – mainly but not solely inspired by African American culture. So yeah, I’m all over the place.
There is literally a piece of me dedicated to almost all forms of pen.
And I’m not quite ready to choose a style to dry my ink in.

I write what I feel, when I feel like it.
(It would be nice to keep the content more consistent, but then this wouldn’t be hobby now would it?)

So if you’re still interested, please enjoy, my Verge In Pen.

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