HI! Virgin Blogger Here! (As well co-creator of the “ThreeTaOne Podcast” at TaLissaTamiyah.com)

Just a quick bit about me, and what you’ve just stumbled across.

As many of you did, I started out talking. Well actually, I started out dreaming. And from my mind to my mouth, I began to expatiate my thoughts. I sat and thought of what was funny, I sat and thought of what was true, and when I would voice these things, these “mind-finds” – the responses I’d receive were exactly as I predicted, precisely what I had wanted, and so…I was hooked.

Now as a child, the only place to grow, was up. So I grew, and I continued to talk. But I soon realized that not everyone wanted to hear what I had to say. In particular, the teachers did not want to hear what I had to say. Especially not in class…out loud….where my mind-finds would come up with announcements likely to embarrass them. This is where “notes” took form (and passing said notes, etc.).

So now evolving thought and speech into penmanship, I found I had a talent in written word – and this revelation was monumental to me. I journalized, poeticized and fictionalized everything. My mind-finds not only had a new way in which to reveal themselves, but a permanent way of doing so.

See, I’ve always had an imagination animated through my words; but now it could be immortalized on paper. And there is no better feeling (at least to me) than to write your heart out – whether it be silly or sincere – and be able to return, read and relive that moment all over again.

College was yet another eye opening experience. Not only were there other talkers, other writers and criticizing faculty in the world; there were opinions too. SOOO many opinions. This sprouted a whole new style for me. And so in addition to my creative writing I delved into my school newspaper for a little POV writing as well. Graduation came and went, and the first writing job I could snag was in newswriting. Which to summarize in three words, I loathed doing.
ONE of the many reasons can be summarized in these three words: I AM BIASED. So I moved on to do Mo’ Writing – aka My Own Writing – and here we are.

Since my start, I’ve written poetry, short stories, an opinion column, magazine inserts, news articles and more. But I also have a love for film, entertainment news, human interest pieces, African American literature, and screenwriting. So yeah, I’m all over the place.
There is literally a piece of me dedicated to almost all forms of pen.
And I’m not quite ready to choose a style to dry my ink in.
(…see what I did there?…mini poem just for yall)

Now, with online outlets out here showcasing written works of art – published or otherwise – I have taken this opportunity to create what you are choosing to read today. A written expression of oneself…myself…and my mind-finds.

So if you’re still interested, please enjoy, my Verge In Pen.

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