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Hey hey!

I’m Miyah, a writer, creator, business owner and storyteller all wrapped in one.

I love my family, my people, my content and my childhood.
Not to mention good (audio) books, films and scores.

If you liked the posts, and respect the passion, take a step further and support the products.


Oh, and one MORE thing…TY!

THANK YOU for being here!

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Why TY?

Because appreciation matters

“TY” is the known abbreviation for “Thank You” but also the unknown abbreviation for my first and last name: “Tamiyah Yancey.”

I love my name. Though commonly mispronounced, and always near the bottom of an attendance list, I am forever grateful for my ‘literal’ calling.

And so, I embrace my title and its abbreviated dual meaning: for I am most Thankful for all of you.

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