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“A Pigment of My Imagination”
A (college) column focusing on both popular and personal views of current events, recent news, and common stereotypes concerning African Americans in the media. Ranging from celebrities to the local Negro next door – here is my (randomly) written record. And FYI, some of these pieces were college born – so be gentle.

Toni Tells
“Just My Opinion” pieces, venting out the happenings of society – whether it be an exhilarating or exhausting turn of events – here’s what I have to say. btw: In case you were wondering, “Toni” is short for Antoinette (my middle name)

Toni’s Tales
Creative Works: poetry & short stories by yours truly. btw: In case you were wondering, “Toni” is short for Antoinette (my middle name)

The Sherr-Raid
“Facebook Wars” with my #AllLivesMatter, Guns”R” Us, Right-Wing Republican Aunt Sherry, that are just too epic to keep on Facebook. I love her to death. I respect her opinion. And being a teacher, she has taught me a thing or two. But our political views and racial views differ a great deal. And so we have public debates that may get heated, but somehow ALWAYS cools down in time for holidays, family trips and weekly check-ins.

Popular films of black origin, black casts and/or impeccable black storytelling.

Films I’ve edited, transcribed, shot or assisted in during its production phase.

Published Works
A digital portfolio of all my published works as a freelance and staff writer at The (Bergen) Record, Herald News, and their weekly sister papers.