The VergIn Word Index

Some of you may have noticed, I make up terms from time to time. Well, just so we are all on the same page, I have a created a glossary so you have a reference to the fabrications of my mind.

A person who fears, avoids and is disgusted by: THE ASH. i.e. ashy, ashen, visual dryness of one’s skin

A person who is not affected by ashy or dry skin

A ‘Tude
Attitude attributed to women of color – mostly black women – in a negative way…even when its more than justified.

Photo by iDominck via Wickimedia Commons
Someone of African descent who I alone have deemed a King or a Queen. If anyone objects to my declaration, they are welcome to pay for the account needed to prove me wrong…

B.C. (all about the context)
Black Community.
Before Children (Respek to Alicia Williams).

Before Child Support

Popular films of black origin, black casts and/or impeccable black storytelling.

Protesting AGAINST the movement. Working hard for the white man to get those rations, instead of working hard with your fellow man to get some relief.

Crap. Wrong. F***ed up.

Caucasian Columbus
The act of a white person claiming they’ve discovered something new, when really they just stole it. (i.e. black hairstyles, black features, mathematics, classical music, rock music, good hygiene, this country, etc.)

Celeb Change
Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even a million dollars or more (USD).

Court of Law

European peoples taking power and wealth from others (people of color, indigenous folks, every damn body) illegally or by force.

A fictional series, TV show, feature film or mini movie that is based off of true events.

Fuggle Funds
Monies made and donated by a for real, non-famous, non-celeb, normal person. -Respek to J.K. Rowling

A for real, non-famous, non-celeb, normal person. -Respek to J.K. Rowling

Glory Tear
Stone-face crying, where that one solitary tear escapes and exposes the blank expression on your face for the mask that it is. Withholding your pain and outbursts while allowing that trickle of hurt, to slide down your cheeks. Originated from the powerful performance of Denzel Washington, in the classic film, Glory.

When one comes to a rather close-call in confronting/conversing with an individual who has shown immense lack of intelligence and therefore is doomed to be an unproductive encounter.

Another form of the profane-a** word, s***
I may use other curses though…sometimes there’s no substitute good enough.

Blood relative, family member, blood of my blood (Respek to George R.R. Martin), kin of my skin. Inspired by the fascinating tale, Kindred. -Respek to Octavia E. Butler – not Octavia Spencer, for those who are new to the scifi AfriQueen novelist, but recently tuned into The Help – also a great novel and film.

Thought processes that occur within the mindset of a person. May be thoughts worthy of an article, maybe not. Still going to write the “ish” anyway.

Another form of the profane-a** word, motherf***ers

Naps Slapped Flat
Tightly coiled hair being slapped into alignment. Similar to having the “black slapped off of you.”

Oprah Cry
Ya’ll know what the hell this is! Oprah’s ugly cry!


Devil’s Delegate
“Devil’s Advocate” usually suggests that a person is in agreement with an opinion, but interested in said opinion if the situations were reversed, not in favor, or more complicated than initially presented.
When I act as a delegate, know that I am not necessarily on your side, but interested in presenting the same argument in a variety of ways to further prove my point.

Pathetic Pew
A seat to take in the holiest of places. Whether it be a sanctuary, a mosque, a temple, whatever. It is YOUR assigned seat. So take it.

Perpetratin’ Appropriatin’
I know black folks cannot appropriate a dominate race, but rather assimilate to it. HOWEVER, we have made an attempt or two…with films like The Wiz, Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child etc.
So, I thought I’d do a little movie remixing myself:
Alice in Wonderland – Janice in Soberland
The Sound of Music – Seven Kids & I’d Lose It
Snow White – Flo Brown
(The list continues…)

Petty Proud
To be petty and proud unapologetically.

Rubber Duckin’
Another form of the profane-a** word, motherf***in’

Sideline Racist
An individual who denounces racism – yet at times, incites racism or stands on the sidelines while racists incidents/events play out in front of him/her. This normally occurs when said Sideline Racist does not want to admit to their privilege, nor do they want to give it up.

Social Media Stooge
Fool who has social media profile and uses such a platform to extend ignoramus agendas, ideals and opinions – mostly to unsuspecting people who are using the ‘educated & black’ trope to further their social equity agenda (okay that last part was specifically me, but I AM usually taken aback by these fools who fight to stay sleep; like WAKE the F*** UP)

Struggle Funds
Monies LEFT after bills are paid, coins are counted, funds are found, or TAXES are telling you to “clean yourself up” after raping your bank account this past tax season.

“Taking it there.” Going where no other has gone. Taking the risk. Making the jump. Going the distance. And not caring who you may offend on the way.

Wendy’s Wanderer
A presumably homeless person staking out a fast food restaurant in hopes of receiving some change, or a #4. These individuals are also known as the “Burger King Bum,” “McDonald’s Meanderer,” “Checkers Chump,” “Panera Fred,” “Popeye’s Pilgrim,” the list goes on!

Write Or Die Chick
Me. Myself. & I…try to be, anyway.